See things clearly and nakedly

When the mind is silent, we receive accurate information from the six senses.
   We see things as they really are, without distortion. In other words, the way they are
   before we jump in with all our judgements, biases, and mental chatter.
         We see things clearly and nakedly.
–Reflections on A Mountain Lake
In McKinsey training, fact-based thinking is a foundation to any recommendation. What is really intriguing is that facts (market size, product competency etc.) are usually there for everyone to see. The difficult part is merely to look at the facts as they are.
Same thing with all the so-called difficult decisions in life, if we can calm all the emotions and jittering thoughts, what we have to do always lies naturally in our mind.
The danger of making wrong decisions often does not arise from the turbulent external environment, but comes from our untrained mind.  

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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