Day 1 – One night at Bangkok Airport

I had never thought that it’d be so difficult to get a flight ticket to Nepal. First of all, it seems that not every tour agency is familiar with this route and the online option is super limited. Then, all the cheapest classes were fully booked. Eventually I had to fly the most common route for people from Taiwan to Katmandu – arrive at Bangkok at midnight and then take the next morning flight to Katmandu at 10:40.


Bangkok airport is better than the last time I visited, i.e. right after their grand opening. The shops are open until at least 2am and they’ve got 24-hr massage services – a true savior for people having to stay overnight in the airport. Make sure you get a Thai massage – their mattress is heavenly or I might have been simply too exhausted to be choosy.


What is also good is the so-named “Economy Transit Area” where you can find quite comfortable chairs to lie upon. Some smart people even put 2 chairs together to form a bed for me and I must have arrived just-in-time to catch this wonderful empty spot. If you have warm enough outfit, you can indeed sleep the whole night there. Experienced passengers all got their blankets with them for the sleep.


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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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