Day 6 – Kathmandu: Thamel, Durbar Square, and a splurge after the hardship

One thing interesting about Nepal is that no matter how tired I am, I wake up everyday at around 6-7am. It’s a bit like the Thailand fasting experience. Of course, I have a tendency to eat more here as I do in all the traveling except for in Tibet.

I am so impressed at myself this morning. Getting up at 7am, taking a 2 hour walking from Thamel to Durbar Square, visiting Durbar Square, walking back to Thamel, walking north to the British embassy area, having late breakfast, shopping for tea and aroma stuff…still I made it to check out at the Sherpa Guesthouse at noon time!

Central Kathmandu is like a big shrine collection place. Turn left, turn right, you see something in almost every corner. The city becomes lively since 7am – shops start to open, wet markets with abundance veggies/fruits all along the streets. My favorite is the Indian dessert sellers – so many variety and customers lining up for it. No wonder there are so many dental clinics in the city!

Thamel shopping is a bit like a headache to me – so many similar shops around that I don’t even want to get inside. Fortunately I found this Family Tea Shop in a relatively quieter road with good selection and a friendly owner. Getting the best quality Ilam tea and the house masala spices, I think I can replicate the masala tea back home. The only other place I went inside is the Aroma Garden recommended by Lonely Planet, where they sell skincare, essential oil, incense…all sort of aroma related goods.

After staying at all the 250-400 Rs places (i.e. 100-200 TWD or USD$4-7 per night), I am just so longing for a good shower and a desk for downloading photos and surfing online! A very simple breakfast at Shanker Hotel is a good experience, just 15min walk away from the noisy Thamel, this previously Rana-owned place is all quiet by itself with nice garden and pool. The dining hall with chandeliers and creamy palatial columns is charming, especially when I am the only guest for those well trained waiters. Regarding the food, I can’t really tell the difference from that of a tourist cafe. However, with the atmosphere, who really cares about the food?!

Hyatt Regency is certainly a Wow! The place is stylish and huge, just right behind the Boudha Stupa. The reception was really nice to give me a room with a view to the stupa. The bathroom is 5 times bigger than what I had in the past few days. In the evening, they lighted up the entrance area and had musicians playing folk music in the lobby where there are various mini stupas. I’d never think that I’ll get so excited about Regency 😉

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

One Response to Day 6 – Kathmandu: Thamel, Durbar Square, and a splurge after the hardship

  1. Yimin says:

    Hyatt Regency? Now that\’s true decadence in the land of the spirituality;-)
    Keep up the good spirit and enjoy the rest of your trip…


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