Relatively things change a lot in 7 years but same old stories in another way… 七年的变化

离开德国七年了,这次回去:当年办公室的小朋友已经成了西门子的高管,当年刚从学校毕业的麦肯锡 fellow 成了德国创业板最大公司之一的 CTO,很重事业的人现在为了老婆可以每天牺牲开140公里的车去上班,当年刚结婚的人小孩都大到缠着我讲故事,最木纳的的朋友在大公司做起了sales 还买了个大房子,德国读书顺利、留在大公司工作、嫁了德国先生的完美人生小姐到了四十岁突然开始惊慌自己的一生就要"这样"过了…
好像变了很多,但是身边一看,在上海、台北的各色人生不也都是一样的起伏?即使外境不变,最不安定的还是自己的心 — 下一个挑战在那里?要如何在无聊的安定和创业中选择?这个工作真的适合自己吗?想要换个国家、去那里都比这样过着好吧…?
 Munich 005
7 years away from Germany and things do change: young officemate now VP of Siemens, freshly graduated McKinsey fellow now CTO of one of the largest co at Germany’s Neuer Markt, super career performer now driving 140km everyday to work to accomodate his wife’s need, newly weds now having a kid old enough to teach me German,  plain and quiet tech guy now doing sales for MNC and buying a big house, someone with a perfect overseas Chinese student life – diploma, stable MNC job, German husband, lovely kid – now suddenly become panic whether "that’s it for my life…?!" 
At first look they all change a lot in 7 years, but when looking mindfully around, the same stories happen in Taipei, Shanghai, UK, and likely everywhere. Where is the next exciting thing to do? How do I do the things I like without too much risk post change? This job doesn’t really suit me…but where can I go? I just need to get out of this country/boring life – can’t imagine myself just live like this for another 20 years?! 
The mind plays the same old tunes over and over. Maybe in this new year we will just wake up and go to bed as usual everyday while the mind remains restless? Or maybe we will even become panic or feel like missing something if the mind does not work like this anymore?

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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