Birds in Mumbai / 孟买的鸟儿

什么东西都能搭在一起。崭新商业大楼前面躺着几个用布一包就在地上睡了的男男女女、破旧的公寓房随便一户也要价数百万美金、月薪三千卢比的司机说起去Taji Mahal当天来回要六千卢比的报价完全不当一回事、破旧到当古董都嫌破的电梯里面却坐着身着崭新制服还戴顶海军帽的电梯操作员…
Birds are hovering outside the window of the Mumbai office at 21st floor. They are such vivid reminders that there’s a world out of the business routines.
Right in front of the modern high-rise office building are some homeless people sleeping comfortably with a some clothes covering their head/faces on the ground, not even without any sort of mat. 
The company car driver with probably less than 3k Rupees talked about of their company’s quotation of a round-trip to Taj Mahal from Gugaon at an absurd 6k Rupees as of nothing.
A shabby old elevator, too rugged even to serve as a cargo life, with an operator dressed in brand new white uniform and a navy hat.
Really, anything goes in India!
Mumbai 001 Mumbai 026 Mumbai 003

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

One Response to Birds in Mumbai / 孟买的鸟儿

  1. 丁丁大一 says:

    Amazing India!!!


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