Coogee Beach

今天是采買日,不過中午我們還是去了另一個海灘:Coogee Beach,買了炸魚薯條帶到岩石上野餐。澳洲人的生活實在太好了,怪不得他們笑說自己已經生在天道。
Today we went to another beach and had a wonderful lunch there – just sitting on the rock and enjoying the great scenery and sea breeze. I can truly understand why the Australian offices have the best life style in the world now. It’d be such a shame to stay up late in the office when living in Sydney.
最近吃的不多,剩下半盒薯條都拿來喂海鷗。很快就把它們訓練到可以在空中接住我丟的薯條,弟弟也那麽好教就好了。Seagulls happily shared half of my chips and sat with us for a while.
買完日用雜貨後,在Mall裏坐了一會兒,回家時已經傍晚,車開在Aznac橋上像是朝夕陽奔去一般。It’s getting drak early in Sydney. We had this beautiful sunset on the way back at only slightly over 5pm. It felt like driving towards the sun.

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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