Diving Day 3: Clam Garden – Steve’s Bommie - 2 2/3’s- Beer Garden / 潜水第三天:蚌殼花園+再次夜潜

What did we have at Clam Garden? Clams, big clams here and there in different colors depending on the algae nearby. 蚌殼花園當然有很多蚌殼啦-車渠貝。比較有趣的是,潜導說它們跟旁邊的海藻是共生的,海藻什麽顔色,那個蚌殼就是什麽顔色,我看了看,還真的通常跟旁邊的一叢海藻顔色一致。


We encountered this huge group yellowish fishes at Steve’s Bommie. They just stayed around me for such a long time as I was part of them…until Florian came over. They finally moved to make a way for him.

Florian 滯留某處照相時,我遇到這一大群黃魚,一點也不怕人,我停在這有上千隻魚中間吧,大家一起浮在水中不動,很好玩。後來Florian來了,它們好像比較怕他,就退了。

This was the cutest clownfish I’d ever seen. It did try very hard to hide itself into that small coral. 這小叢珊瑚和小丑魚太可愛了,大的一直想躲進珊瑚裏,奈何珊瑚實在太小。不過它怎麽一點也沒有想要捍衛旁邊兩隻寶寶的樣子啊?!Nemo不是很愛小孩的嗎?

It was thrilled to see a turtle at the night dive! It was so cute. I think it has the most facial expression among all the marine creatures. Again, Vili took some amazing pictures with my Canon, including these tiny tiny crabs. 夜潜時潜導Vili幫我們找到一隻海龜(晚上是睡覺時間,要去礁石下面搜),好可愛,臉上表情超多的。Vili還照了很多小魚小蝦的,這兩隻螃蟹都只有一節小指大小哦。那個像洗碗刷的顔色很漂亮,但是不知是什麼東西,很常看見。   


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