Love Cocoon – The Trace of Love

The desert of loneliness is dark.

It pulled me down and wrapped its blanket around me. I found comfort in it and breathed it all in, right to my heart. Yes I did.  Breathe, and be quiet, be quiet and listen…Can you hear it? Can you hear the heartbeat in the darkness? It’s calling me; yes it’s the heart beat that’s calling me again. It is the music of hope. I have seen it in the dark before, I have heard hope and yearned for it. I have even felt it, for there’s light even in the dark. I must drag myself out of here; I yearn for the light, I long to dance in her. But first I must get out of here and I am scared because I know it won’t be easy. My wings might break, I might get injured or even die trying…

I lost dust off my wings, perhaps I can never fly again. It wasn’t easy but I did not stop. I kept going and nothing could hold me back.

Looking back I see the traces that are left behind. It is the story of my desire and longing through my journey to the Light, like footsteps of a thirsty human being, in the vast and infinite desert searching for water.

-Firoozeh Farnoosh 


Sydney Opera House的展覽。畫一般,小詩很美,根源於一個有關飛蛾撲火的波斯神話。我們奮力追尋著慾望,所謂的愛,投向火中,燒個乾乾淨淨。慾求、追求者、被追求的對象,都只是心裏造作出的投射(不清凈現分),最終只是大夢一場。

The paintings were so-so while the motive and poem was intriguing, based on a Persian myth about butterfly leaving cocoon towards the Light. Driven by desire, we all put so much effort to chase after something, which sometimes we call love, and ended up burning ourselves and everything else without a trace. Desire, pursuer and the object to be pursued, they are nothing but perceptions created by our minds (impure perception), a big dream after all.  No hope, no expectation, no fear.

Only in Australia: Persian and Australian aboriginal music ensemble 混合波斯六弦琴和澳洲土著長號的奇妙組合


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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

One Response to Love Cocoon – The Trace of Love

  1. James says:

    Intresting comments. I was there too and thought they were unbelievable. You see to understand them you must have some background in art, music or some education. obviously your comments, "No hope, no expectation and no fear" explains your mental and emotional state. I must say I\’m mesmerized by what\’s hanging on my wall.


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