A giant steak sandwich 巨無霸牛排三明治

This is for sure the largest sandwich for me in this year, from a humble kiosk at Akuna Bay area. I must have had been extremely hungry so that I nearly finished it all. The craving was especially strong whenever I thought of the to-be-vegetarian days in Nepal. Nevertheless, pretty determined to kickoff a diet from tomorrow on. 最近狂吃,這裏東西份量太大了~~明天開始减肥!


關於 bella.chao
a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

2 Responses to A giant steak sandwich 巨無霸牛排三明治

  1. qing says:

    牛排倒还好,就是CHEESE 看上去有点恶~~~~

  2. Bella says:




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