June 7 Lamp offering on Saga Dawa Day 佛陀成道日與涅槃日-供燈

Kelly taught me how to make butter lamp offering so I happily made a few rounds in dedication to gurus, friends and family. Jamchen Monastery was so popular that almost all was lit when I got there, i.e. before 6am!

So I had to do it on the private stands outside.

昨天學姐教我怎麽供燈,所以吉祥日一早就來玩。究給仁波切的大慈寺香火頂盛,不到6點鐘燈都被供完了,塔立寺也差不多,所以早上就在大佛塔四周的私人攤子玩了很多輪,供養上師,迴向親朋好友們,特別是今年有些人身體不太好。點燈真的很好玩,心裏暖暖的,又沒什麽執取。090607 Saga Dawa 005

However, Jamchen’s staff were very kind to reserve 1000 lamps for me at noon so I got to do that for someone special. It turned out to be so beautiful that multiple tourists came to request taking photos with these lamps, as if they were joining me to pray — so much happiness.

090607 Saga Dawa 009

Evening on the Saga Dawa Day – people continued to make lamp offerings around the Boudna Stupa /
090607 Saga Dawa 013

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