Carnival at Boudna 尼泊爾的哥哥姐姐節

There was an exceptional number of people at Boudna the day before yesterday with a small band playing instrumental music and people dancing. It was said to be the "brother day" in Nepal. It’s the day when girls visiting their "brothers" with flowers and the brothers have to give some money to their sisters, or something like that.
Yesterday the number of people gathering around the stupa was simply unreal – all packed without any chance to move. Actually I can’t even get into the circular path due to the sheer number of people! Then I saw youngsters dressing in all sort of costume around. It turned out to be their "brother and sister day" when people just come out like a big carnival parade. Summer in Kathmandu is kindof busy.

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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