My broken English for a laugh…蜂王乳的英文是…

Ever since my conversation with Olive the other day, I realized that my English has been deteriorating badly in Taiwan. And this is so funny that I had to share…

So someone asked me to read the ingredients of a drink yesterday and I read out the first ingredient in the most precise way (completely literary translation): Bee-Queen-Milk…
某人拿了一瓶營養飲料問說裏面成份是什麽。我很正經的、嚴謹的為他逐字翻譯(實在是我也不知道那是什麽):Bee 蜂—Queen 后—Milk 奶…

The hearer looked really puzzled and intrigued. Then he asked:


How do you milk a bee???


That reminds me of the story about how Karmapa did CPR to a fly.

So I just checked and realized that Royal Jelly is not even any kind of honey, but some sort of secretion from worker bees to feed their larvae. They feed it to worker larvae directly – producing while consuming; but for queen larvae, they would build special queen cells and bath/soak these queen larvae in the secretion within their individual cell as this secretion mimics the effects of the female hormone estrogen. Thus in Chinese, royal jelly is known as bee-queen-milk, as it’s like milk to queen bee candidates. Always new things to learn. But why would someone feeds a guy with this strange thing?!

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