md skincare – Excellent for long haul flight! 飛機上超好用的保養品


不過,這次發現當初不知何時買的md skincare的Maximum Moisture Treatment超好用,平常不覺得,但是一到飛機上,完全發揮神效。不像在飛機上敷面膜那樣一開始還好後來就會太乾,也不像用時空膠囊或其他面霜那樣先是太油後來又很快被吸收掉,而是在飛機上塗一次就能整趟航程都保持剛做完臉的完美滋潤度,每次摸都覺得很讚,感覺比在地面上時的皮膚還好!太神奇了。鄭重推薦給那些還在飛來飛去的姊妹們!

md skincare

I must be getting old now so that I even start having jet lags. After so many teachings on impermanence, once the reality strikes, it still surprises me.

For those friends still constantly in the air, md skincare’s Maximum Moisture Treatment is highly recommended. I probably got this in Bay Area last time. It was above average in general, but this is the first time I used it in a flight and it turned out to be the best-ever product for long-haul flight. Once you put it on after taking off, it actually makes your skin feel better/moisturized than usual and the effect lasts throughout the journey! And the 30g volume and light packaging (in plastic) makes it perfect for passing through security and being brought on board.

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