Biergarten in Munich



Only 7pm, the biergarten at Max Weber Platz is full of people already. One thing great about Germany is that people tend to leave the office on time and only exceptional people have crazy hectic lifestyle as people living in Asia.
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1004 Munich 071稍早經過Merienplatz 正好五點鐘,音樂鐘演出,下面聚人無數。走在廣場上,想著慕尼黑有這麼多可愛的地方:一切都很有秩序的運作,走在路上可以很放心的把背包背在後面,帶著狗兒在店裡逛街或是進餐廳都是理所當然的事,到處都有公園、綠地,沒事騎車晃晃也很舒服…還好我不長記性,離開時就忘了這些美好的地方,否則大概會三不五時嘲笑自己當年是頭腦壞掉才會想要離開。

While I was walking around Marienplatz earlier today, all these nice things about Germany came into my mind: everything works here effortlessly! (probably only people living in China can appreciate the exclamation on this point) You feel safe walking around and don’t need to watch your belongings all the time; you can bring your dogs into the shops or restaurant like a real part of the family (in Shanghai, dogs are not allowed in public areas) ; nice parks everywhere and it’s great to cycle around the city…the lists went on and on. In the end, I feel quite grateful that I hardly remember all these when not being here, otherwise, I might miss these great things about Munich so much so that it becomes a suffering.


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