Nada, nada, limon & nada…

1005 Madrid 079

The word “nada” caught my eyes in Madrid’s supermarket. Since I love limon and nada (meaning sound in Sanskrit and subtle channel or the last stroke of a particular character in Tibetan), I just can’t resist trying this new drink Limon & Nada.

It turned out to be quite delicious limonade. Nada means “nothing” in Spanish, so the brand name plays with the word limonade and also refers to nothing but limon. But it actually adds a little bit of mint and other herbs, so indeed refreshing, though I need to add some water to dilute it a bit as it’s way too sweet for me like everything else here in Spain. Or, mixing with rum should pretty much resemble Mojito.

在超市看到这个饮料,就被它的名字吸引住了,叫做Limon & Nada(柠檬和那达)。那达在藏文是指气脉,也是某个字的最后一个笔画,因为我对“那达”有殊情感,就捧一瓶回家尝鲜。


1005 Madrid 059

We went to someone’s house warming party. Huge terrace on the rooftop and great view over a park.
1005 Madrid 064 1005 Madrid 063


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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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