Only in China…

So I got this phone call from China Post at 8 o’clock in the morning, to inform me that I must go picking up a parcel in person within three days.

Or I can choose to pay 2 RMB and have it delivered to door.

I decided to go there myself since it’s only a few blocks away where I went collecting registered mails from time to time.

Nevertheless, when I reached that office, they told me parcel pickup is outside the building, not in their office.

So I followed their instructions towards the exterior part of the building, can’t find any door/gate, except a hole on the wall behind all the cars parking alone the pedestrian.

I thought to myself, there must be some misunderstanding. Therefore, I went back to the mail office and asked for directions again.

This time they confirmed that it’s indeed the hole on the wall where I should go getting my parcel.

So I went back to the site, bent my back to study how I could get my parcel from this hole in the wall:
1007 Shanghai Post Office

Only a transport band! like the one you see in the airport for baggage delivery. The main difference is that this one is so old that it’s made of wooden pads, and it’s one floor high.

There was a staircase beside it, but only half a floor high, so no way I can use the staircase to go down (or come out).

The whole thing is simply absurd. It was 30 degree temperature out there so some sort of resentment arose towards those sitting inside the air-con mail office.

Yet anger never really helps. I looked inside the hole. There was still no one around.

I hesitated for quite a while whether I should jump on the transport band and walk down towards the office down there. This seems to be the only way, yet today was one of the very very few days I put on a skirt…

Eventually I decided that for sure I don’t want to come back to this place again and I certainly do not want to pay Shanghai Post this 2 RMB for their poor service.

Just when I almost stepped on the band, I noticed a poster on the wall inside right next to me, read “employees are not allowed to enter the site with transport band”.

…really puzzled…so that means this is “for customers only”?

Fortunately, someone finally came out when I asked again whether there’s anyone around.

It was hilarious to see this China Post staff standing on that half-way staircase to hand me my parcel.

Now I finally understand the practicality part of a joke an acquaintance told me when I just came to China many years ago. He is also a consultant, but in a less prestigious firm, and has to work a lot with the so-called farmer-entrepreneurs (i.e. those nouveau-riche without too much education from the countryside of China).

Once this person traveled along with one of his clients, who had never taken a flight before in all his life. So they went to Shenzhen Airport to check in, after handing in their tickets and IDs, this supposedly very wealthy client, simply jumped on the transport band for the luggage, waiting to be “checked-in”…

Now I can totally understand why people would even think of doing that in China. lol 


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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

2 Responses to Only in China…

  1. Cora says:

    很有趣! 如果你真的跳上去了那会是多么有意思啊,哈哈

  2. Bella says:



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