D4: 快樂抵達五臺山 / Happily arriving at Wutaishan

Finally coming to Majushri’s dwelling place, seeing the landmark stupa built (in 1301) by a Nepali architect recommended to Kublai by Pagpa. The temple surrounding the stupa was later built by Karmapa in Ming Dynasty.
100820 五臺山 004

The weather is cool and comfortable, yet the flowers here bloom as if in spring.
100820 五臺山 043100820 五臺山 049

There are 142 temples in the mountain. I only had time to visit a few but already saw so many Manjushri images in various forms.

100820 五臺山 106100820 五臺山 075

Seeing a lot of dragons during the past 2 days probably forms a strong imprint in my mind. Even the cloud on my way back to the hostel made me think of a cute dragon sticking his head out of thick layer of clouds to watch what people are up to.
100820 五臺山 109


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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara



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