Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche on Spiritual Materialism / 秋陽創巴仁波切談“修道上的唯物”

We would like to use the spiritual discipline and traditional wisdom to fit into our own particular pigeonhole, our own desires. We usually want to glorify ourselves by collecting stories and wisdom from every worthy person. We would like to meet lots of people who are seemingly worthy people, according to our own judgment, and collect all of those stories and re-edit them according to what we want, constantly. When you begin to do that, you develop your own version of freedom, which is “I would like to become a greater version of myself, spiritually uplifted, and so forth. I might even have a place in social situations, be known as an important wise person, so that people will come to me and consult me.” We have those kind of desires. We are not really interested in developing spiritually; we are more interested in evolving politically in the name of spirituality. Such a situation is known as “spiritual materialism.”

—Excerpt from “The Practicing Lineage”, The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa, Volume Five; Shambhala Publications

(More on this topic can be found in “Cutting through the spiritual materialism” by Trungpa Rinpoche)


— 節選自《秋陽創巴著作集第五集》的<實修傳承>一文,香巴拉出版社

Bella Chao 草譯於LA, 2010年9月。(更多針對這類陷阱的講述和對治可參見創巴仁波切的著作《突破修道上的唯物》)

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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