菩提迦耶(3)充滿加持的充實日子 / A Typical Day in Bodhgaya With Shower of Blessings

5am to Mahabodhi Temple because the Chinese monastery I stay only opens gate at 5am. Then I would start my favorite session of prostrations as it is still dark and cool.
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At 7am I would return the monastery for a quick breakfast, then come back for the 2nd session of prostration until it gets too warm and sunny. The rest of the morning is always spent in circumambulation and sitting by THE bodhi tree.
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Everyday  I would also sit in front of the Buddha statue for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Though I see a constant flow of visitors, it was said that actually I come in a less busy period. Otherwise usually it is not allowed to sit inside the temple.
101107 Bodhgaya 008

I also love watching those Sri Lanka pilgrims doing circumambulation. They would reach out hands to touch sacred objects and then touch their own hearts, over and over, as if the devotion swells from their bodies so much that it is the only way to ease the unbearable devotion. Versus myself, I can only do some mechanic gestures to hopefully invoke a tiny drop of devotion. It was really joyful to watch their dance-like movement.
101107 Bodhgaya 017101109 Bodhgaya 060101109 Bodhgaya 001

In front of the temple there are 3 small chambers on the left. One with Tara, one with Hinduism linga, and one with buddhas and a Vajrasattva. There is a Tara on the right side of the main temple, which is said to be very powerful hence always adorned with a lot of flower garlands.
101109 Bodhgaya 058101109 Bodhgaya 059101109 Bodhgaya 064

Then I would go back taking a shower, having lunch at 12pm.

After lunch, there are plenty of temples around for visit. It is similar to Lumbini where you see architecture of various traditions. I spend most of the time in Mahabodhi so did not visit many other temples, except for: (1) Sakya Monastery – small but quiet, clean rooms for 100 Rupee a day with shared toilet/shower; (2) Bhutan Monastery – exquisite mandala, offering rooms for 300 or 500 Rupees a day; (3)64 ft tall Buddha Statue; (4) Japanese Temple; (5) Another Japanese Temple (which I did not even walk inside); (6) Moon image on the door of a temple. The rabbit reminds me of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.
101109 Bodhgaya 034
101109 Bodhgaya 050101109 Bodhgaya 038101109 Bodhgaya 051 101109 Bodhgaya 040101107 Bodhgaya 031

Rickshaws can be hired to go around. From Chinese Temple to Sakya Monastery  costs 15 Rupee.
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薩迦寺的策嘎多傑堪布是薩迦佛學院第一批的九名學生之一,他的學識淵博,連印度教也很懂。跟我們說了無比多大覺寺內內該看的還有周邊的聖地。八大尸陀林就有三個在附近呢,可惜我們受限於時間就只去了這個狂笑屍林,就在大覺寺入口旁的小路裡,現在遍佈是印度教的linga崇拜物,還不到屍陀林的地方有個石刻的時輪金剛壇城。另外兩個是寒林墳場和 Threatening 墳場。
Tsega Dorje Khenpo told us there are 3 cemeteries around here: Cool Groove, Threatening and Ha Ha Laughing. Due to the time constraint, we only went to Ha Ha Laughing which is close to the Mahabodhi entrance. The cemetery is now covered by Hindu linga though. On the way to the cemetery, there is a stone-carved Kalachakra mandala worth of seeing.
101109 Bodhgaya 076101109 Bodhgaya 074

The cows here are painted colorfully. One day there was even a camel outside the temple, munching leaves of nearby bodhi trees.
101106 Bodhgaya 012101109 Bodhgaya 067

At 3-4pm I would do another session of prostration until dusk time, go back for dinner at 6pm and then come back to Mahabodhi for a walk until 8pm.

Even the fallen flowers are serene and pretty in Mahabodhi. One day Jamyang Karma Lama gathered a handful placing on his prostration board as cute offerings.  
101107 Bodhgaya 029101111 Bodhgaya 006

One day Jamyang Karma Lama brought us to a tiny Tibetan restaurant which reminds me of izakayas in Japan. Momo is their specialty. Judging from the packed crowds there, it must be pretty good. The vegie noodles I had was also delicious. Another interesting thing about this place is that it was full of Tibetan monks except for me being the only lay person there.
101109 Bodhgaya 018101109 Bodhgaya 017101109 Bodhgaya 016

The night is spent in practicing patience with mosquitoes. I started by using coils. After two days of suffering, a nun gave me a net, but still the mosquitoes would come inside the net as it was not big enough. Then on the last two days we found mosquito repellent cream in a shop, yet it only lasts for 2-3 hours per application. So every night I would get 10+ bites and eventually got out of bed at 2-3am! Except for the McKinsey days, I have never slept so little in my life 😉

Fortunately as long as I think of being able to return to Mahabodhi Temple in a few hours, I would feel very happy. As the sun always rises, the days in Bodhgaya is always meaningful, fruitful and joyful. The blessings indeed come down like a shower.
101110 Bodhgaya 002

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  1. 廖婷鈺 says:

    您好 , 請問有薩加寺的聯絡方式嗎?因為好像都找不到耶 , 有確定可以住宿嗎?



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