印度瑜伽圣地 Holy Place for Yoga in India:Rishikesh



I had always assumed that my first encounter with the River Ganges would take place in Varanasi where all major events of an Indian’s life take place in that river. Nevertheless, due to my lack of courage to travel alone these days, I never made it to Varanasi and instead came to another holy place for Indians, or more precisely for all yogis around the world thanks to the Beatles, Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is only one and half hours away from Dehra Dun and the water here is very clean with a touch of joyful serenity floating in the air.
110306 Rishikesh 050

India being Indian, i.e. nothing works as planned. The taxi which was supposed to come picking us up at 7am never showed up. By the time we got another taxi, it was over 8am already. Since we needed to be at the rafting shop by 9:30, the driver drove like crazy but successfully brought us to the shop just in time. Yet the shop was closed…Guess that booking does not mean a lot here.

Fortunately the shop owner was nearby, and of course he had no idea that we were coming and “had booked through his friend”. At least he was capable enough to quickly assemble a rafting tour for us within half an hour.   
110306 Rishikesh 007110306 Rishikesh 008

The monk I invited had no idea that we would be doing rafting (I forgot how to say rafting in Chinese so simply told him that we would do some boating…) and became really scared when seeing the water. So he decided not to join the trip…good that he took another monk from  Dzongsar College along, so the 2nd monk finally talked my translator friend into the trip.

Of course, their English was not good enough to understand the instructor and I was completely green on this, too. We were really a malfunctioned team when setting out. The only person who actually lived up to the expectation was our crazy taxi driver who claimed that he had never done this before either (the shop owner probably needed more people on the boat so offered him a free ride).
110306 Rishikesh 014

After the first rapid (3.5 grade, whatever that means), my translator-friend monk already asked whether it was all done as if he wanted to immediately jump onto the shore.

Though we all felt our hearts jumping into throats, we all managed to stay in the boat. The two boats full of young Indians behind us were not all that lucky. One guy fell into the water, floating with his face down in the water, which looked pretty scary. The patrolling safeguard jumped into the water to help that guy. With good instructions from our guide, we managed to save both the guy and the safeguard in the Ganga,  plus retrieving their paddles, a slipper, and the safeguard’s boat. After this, we all felt pretty confident to carry on the rest of the trip. 16 km tour was finished within 1.5 hour.
110306 Rishikesh 015110306 Rishikesh 041
110306 Rishikesh 033110306 Rishikesh 037
Very happy to see mimosa here with great scents, similar to the product of L’Occitane, but only smells even better 🙂
驚喜的看到沙灘上有兩樹盛開的含羞草(L’Occitane 歐詩丹稱作蠟菊),芳香和歐詩丹產品也很近似,不過還是在陽光下的天然花兒聞起來更勝一籌。

110306 Rishikesh 062

Very happy to see my classmate / neighbor in the dorm in IBA days. She took us to this super cozy cafe right by the river with great view and a good selection of food ranging from Indian, Middle-East, Italian, Chinese to Mexicano. It felt as if I were sitting at those cozy restaurants by the Red Sea at Dahab again!
110306 Rishikesh 047110306 Rishikesh 053
110306 Rishikesh 054110306 Rishikesh 055

The ferry across the Ganga was such a joyful ride. If there were no time restraint, I did feel like staying on the boat for the whole afternoon: great sun, cool breeze and all the calmness.  
110306 Rishikesh 061110306 Rishikesh 064

There is this super popular samosa shop selling chocolate and banana samosa. What a great combo and very yummy! Wish they can be available in other parts of India.
110306 Rishikesh 066110306 Rishikesh 067

Parmarth Niketan Ashram has been holding a mantra chanting session at 17:30 every day by Ganges. Our plan was to have a quick look and then return. 
110306 Rishikesh 057110306 Rishikesh 058
那个瑜伽中心(Parmarth Niketan)环境好的像是西班牙南部的王宫。他们正好在举办国际瑜伽节(为期一周,邀请很多不同地方的瑜伽老师过来,只收60美金就可以体验各种流派,像是定时吃到饱的自助餐),适逢今天请到了这州的首要部长过来,於是大家致辞来、致辞去,到了6:20都还没有例行的表演。不过致辞当中这些重量级的瑜伽大师也会吟唱一段,也算是领略了梵唱,而且说不定加持力更大^_^。
Not sure this is luck or not, but we ran into the end of the International Yoga Festival where they hosted many yoga teachers - both heavy-weight Indian masters and teachers from western countries. The chief minister of the Uttarakhand state came to make some remarks and then there were continuing speeches floating. So by the time we really had to leave, the boys had not started their routine performance. Fortunately we still got some taste of the Sanskrit chanting as these yoga masters tend to chant a bit during their talks.  
110306 Rishikesh 072110306 Rishikesh 071110306 Rishikesh 077110306 Rishikesh 079

The air is also special here. Just like at Ngor Monastery, there would be light spheres appearing in the photos. The ones at Ngor would have some symmetrical graphics within the sphere while the ones here are just plain dots and the setting sun became a huge light ball in the picture. Rishikesh is after all a holy place.
110306 Rishikesh 075110306 Rishikesh 086

This is one of the few places I would like to come back and spend some time. With the mountain, forest, river and cozy foreigner-friendly town, taking a yoga retreat here would be really nice.


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