Lingtsang 初三岭嵢煨桑

There is this small Tibetan settlement called “Lingtsang”on the other side of the road from Ngor Monastery. According to people living there, Lingtsang was a big kingdom in Kham area and their kings were descents of the famous King Gesar Ling. Once upon the time, a powerful minister of the king asked for some land and cleverly managed to get a huge land from Lingtsang. That piece of land was called “gift”and the name gradually evolved into Derge (similar pronunciation, but meaning “virtue and happiness” instead), and that is how Derge Kingdom came from.
110307 3rd Losar Day at Lingtsam 024

Every year, Lingtsang people would gather together on the 3rd day of the New Year to perform a Sang ritual, then celebrated the new year together with fun activities and pujas (which puja depends on the instruction from HH Sakya Trizin), then concluded by a group niu-nye. 
110307 3rd Losar Day at Lingtsam 015110307 3rd Losar Day at Lingtsam 025110307 3rd Losar Day at Lingtsam 017
Naturally their shrine is dedicated to Ling Gesar. Ladies sat aside in the morning while men performed the rituals.

No singing and dancing this year, however, for mourning Khenchen Appey Rinpoche’s passing away.

110307 3rd Losar Day at Lingtsam 001110307 3rd Losar Day at Lingtsam 014虽然就在马路对面,不过以前一直没有注意到那边还有座噶舉寺庙和漂亮的白塔。
Though it is just on the other side of the road, I did not notice there is a Kagyu monastery and a beautiful stupa until now.

Lingtsang people are also well-known for producing high quality dorje and bell. Almost every household have their own family workshop with orders from Tibet and Kham even nowadays.


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