Sikkim Flowers & Zoo 錫金花園和動物園


I caught a cold since coming here and felt pretty ill last night. Good that someone from Taiwan gave me some Chinese medicine stuff which to my surprise relieved a big part of the syndrome within one hour.


Then I finally found someone who also wants to go to the zoo, so we took off for a short excursion before lunch.

111022 Flower and Zoo 006111022 Flower and Zoo 011
111022 Flower and Zoo 008
On our way, we also asked the taxi to stop by the Flower Exhibition Center. It is a rather small place so it only took us 15 minutes to browse through the site.

111022 Flower and Zoo 016
Then we went to the zoo.  The locals warned us that the enclosure here is rather big so often it is not easy to see the animals. Darjeeling zoo is more recommended, but somehow I just feel like seeing red pandas and snow leopards here.

111022 Flower and Zoo 012 b111022 Flower and Zoo 015 b
Yet we were pretty lucky. The black bear literally sat right in front of where we stood. It is not giant, but a bit like a sitting hypo, plus it spent most of time gazing at the sky, as if it were contemplating on something very profound.

111022 Flower and Zoo 022111022 Flower and Zoo 023111022 Flower and Zoo 025111022 Flower and Zoo 033
A leopard was also pretty engaging in his duty. It stayed right in front of the fence, showing us all sort of sleeping postures with snoring sounds.

111022 Flower and Zoo 037 b111022 Flower and Zoo 041 b
Then the red pandas with very really cute face 🙂

111022 Flower and Zoo 053 b111022 Flower and Zoo 055 b
Tibetan wolves also came out for the sun. Though they look more like dogs to me.

111022 Flower and Zoo 075 b
And we were lucky enough to see the snow leopard as some noisy Indian students in another side of the enclosure caused it coming towards us. 

111022 Flower and Zoo 085 b
舔爪子的樣子,跟貓一樣。Licking claws like a big cat.

111022 Flower and Zoo 096 b
If I only see its face, I might think it were a tiger instead of leopard.

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