Reunion in Phuket 普吉小聚

120114 Phuket 008春節前,去了一趟普吉島。




I took this trip to Phuket, Thailand before the Chinese New Year. It is like a reunion of three of us going to Mongolia together a few years ago.

Now the other two friends both got married and each has a baby son. So it is like holidays for two families. On top of everything fun you do in holidays, we also need to watch out the kids to ensure the younger one does not bite the older one.  (that is how Enzo likes to show his affection)

120116 Phuket 002之後搬去朋友的豪宅,晉升到七星級待遇,還附贈一個小朋友可以玩 🙂

I first stayed at a nice condo by Kata Beach ( in order to go to the beach, I borrowed a scooter and had my first ride after so many years. It confirmed that there are some things  you never forget)

Then I moved to a friend’s  beautiful villa. That is a really WOW place.


(下面是 Kata Ocean View Condo 的房間隨拍。聽說明年已經幾乎訂滿了,現在主要是歐洲人和俄羅斯人在這裡。租房、購房請洽
Pictures of my room at the condo. It’s for sale or rent at Mostly European tenants with emerging Russians coming to Phuket)
120114 Phuket 004120114 Phuket 006120114 Phuket 003120114 Phuket 009120114 Phuket 005120114 Phuket 007



Kata Beach is nice as there were not too many people. I must have read way too many fashion magazines on iPad so cannot resist taking such a photo of materialism: my turtle bag from Madrid, water-proof speaker from Tokyo, sunglass from US, flip-flops from Munich, and the latest addition is saree from India which serves multi-purpose functions 🙂
120114 Phuket 017120114 Phuket 014

Great salad for lunch and then fruits, fruits and more fruits for the rest of the day!
120114 Phuket 010120114 Phuket 012120114 Phuket 022120114 Phuket 029
And one of my favorite parts is to watch the constantly changing view of the ocean while lying on the sofa. It changes from sunny blue sky to these elegant layers of colors from sea to sky!


時間不夠去Similan Islands潛水,所以在Kata Oceanic View的介紹下,訂了這個Phi Phi島的一日潛水。

上了一艘俄國船,配到一位意大利的潛導,我們竟然還都參加過澳洲同一家公司Taka Diving的船宿潛水。


I did not have enough time for a liveaboard diving tour to Similan Islands and ended up taking a day trip to Phi Phi Islands. It was a Russian boat and guess what? full of Russian divers and all sort of alcohols. Of course, alcohols is only allowed after the last dive.

Also one eye-opening takeaway of the trip is that, as demonstrated by two American born Asian girls, you can have full eye makeups while diving. Wow, the waterproof cosmetic is certainly beyond my expectation.
120115 Phuket 002120115 Phuket 003120115 Phuket 045
120115 Phuket 016
上面就是里奧納多拍The Beach的地方。人很多,還是在附近找個屬於自己的一方水天玩玩,比較自在。水是真漂亮。
Above is “The Beach” where Leonardo Decaprio shoot the movie. It was previously a rather unknown site, and now, thanks to him, it is pretty packed. Still, plenty of good sites to enjoy the water around the beach.
120115 Phuket 017120115 Phuket 030120115 Phuket 028120115 Phuket 038
It feels like the rock and the boat are having a very special dialogue.

也還好沒去參加那個數日的潛水之旅。因為在上海重病,肺還沒全好,昨天才吃完最後一天的抗生素,今天就下海。第二潛時就覺得肺有點疼,為了避免永久性損傷,放棄了第三淺。才有時間拍了上面那些Phi Phi 島的相片。
120115 Phuket 070120115 Phuket 179120115 Phuket 086120115 Phuket 102120115 Phuket 123120115 Phuket 147120115 Phuket 065120115 Phuket 117120115 Phuket 163120115 Phuket 131120115 Phuket 112120115 Phuket 155120115 Phuket 169120115 Phuket 171
Overall, the visibility for diving in Phuket is not that good. Plus my lungs feel heavy and congested in the 2nd dive so I gave up the 3rd dive due to fearing that I had not completely recovered from the bad cold caught in Shanghai. ( What was I thinking? I only stopped antibiotics the day before diving…  Good that I did not do the 4 days trip to Similan Islands. )




120118 Phuket 002120117 Phuket 001



Spa and massage is of course on the must-do list. And I finally realized that the Bangkok airport massage price is several times of the prices in Bangkok downtown and Phuket!



Thailand is a Buddhist country and we are all Buddhist so we naturally went visiting the local temple.

120118 Phuket 017120118 Phuket 023120118 Phuket 012
120118 Phuket 015120118 Phuket 006120118 Phuket 007
To the left is relics of some highly realized monk of this temple and to the right is a statue of one of the high monks who passed away already. The wax statue was so vivid that at first I thought it might be a real body (many highly realized beings left their bodies without any signs of decay after they passing away)
120118 Phuket 018120118 Phuket 021


The last day we went to the Coral Island. Great weather, sunny but not too hot.
120119 Phuket 006120119 Phuket 056120119 Phuket 008120119 Phuket 017
120119 Phuket 019
120119 Phuket 105120119 Phuket 068120119 Phuket 130120119 Phuket 109
The visibility for snorkeling here is great. Have to look out for sea urchins though. A friend of mine unfortunately stepped into one 😦  Their family have an interesting practice of quitting one kind of meat each year to gradually become completely vegetarian. Therefore, naturally, the meat selected for this year is sea urchin.
120119 Phuket 124 b120119 Phuket 083120119 Phuket 122
Love this light web of wave reflection in the bottom of the sea. Watching its wavy motion can bring me to trance.


A wide selection of good food, ranging from Thai to Italian. And we even found a jelly dessert same as something in Taiwan.

120116 Phuket 001120118 Phuket 003
120118 Phuket 004120118 Phuket 005 120119 Phuket 157120119 Phuket 142120119 Phuket 144


The last night in Phuket I started drinking again, from red wine, to Muscatel, to Mirto and the long-time-no-see Limoncello 🙂

The thirst lasted 2 days after I got back to the freezing Shanghai. I literally savored every single kind of alcohols at home except for vodka and finally quitting all again since the Chinese New Year.  Better stay away from anything that I may get addicted to.

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