Hotel Bardo

Somehow I got stuck in Hong Kong for yet another week. Luckily two friends are taking me in in turns. This week my “home” in Hong Kong is Island Shangri-La. To minimize spending, I decide not to go out except for lunch/dinner appointments.

Indeed, there are so many things you can do without going out at all. A new set of routine is developed immediately.

Waking up late and meditation in the morning. Gym, jacuzzi with Cosmopolitan, and sauna for the lunch time. Making tea, playing  guqin, watching DVD teachings in the afternoon. Going out for dinner, answering emails, or chitchat with the friend returning from work in the evening.

If I really want to do something different, one new game is to go downstairs at the mall, pick a clothing shop with a big collection, pick up a few pieces of “gosh, this is something I would never buy!”and try them on in the fitting room. It is quite fun to watch these negation thoughts and put on something which is totally not my typical style. The more open-minded/daring you are, the more fun you get 🙂

In short, my hotel bardo is very much enjoyable. I think I am a prefect companion for people on business trip.

photo (1)這是我的新歡——裹著焦糖的爆米花、腰果和夏威夷豆。


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