Tso Pema 蓮師聖湖:措貝瑪

120814 Tso Pema 032


This was a one day trip to this holy lake associated with Padmasambhava. Thanks to a friend so that I got to effortlessly cover all the major sites in a rather leisure way.

蓮師洞 Guru Rinpoche Cave

120814 Tso Pema 002120814 Tso Pema 004120814 Tso Pema 007



Debora recommended me to stay somewhere around here if I come for more than a day. Indeed a very serene place. It would be wonderful to do a retreat here.

There is a small lake nearby (not Tso Pema), also looked quite “holy”.

120814 Tso Pema 008

120814 Tso Pema 009



There are two hospitable and kind dogs. While I was still hesitating which way to go, a white dog came as if he was guiding me to go down into the main cave.

While we were doing our practices inside, it also lovingly accompanied us there for almost the whole session until more people came inside.

120814 Tso Pema 011旁邊還有一個小洞,是曼達拉娃佛母和蓮師一起修的地方?記不太得了。

Linked to the main cave is another smaller cave.  Too bad that I can’t remember the history behind.

Then out of the cave, we did a Kora around the cave. The two dogs came to lead us again!

To the other side of the hill, there is another cave where it housed a footprint of Guru Rinpoche.


120814 Tso Pema 013120814 Tso Pema 014120814 Tso Pema 015
120814 Tso Pema 016120814 Tso Pema 019120814 Tso Pema 021


120814 Tso Pema 025120814 Tso Pema 024

There are many retreat huts/caves around.  We saw some monk/nun carrying barley flours up to the mountain, probably back to their retreat place.

120814 Tso Pema 022120814 Tso Pema 026
120814 Tso Pema 027120814 Tso Pema 028



A baby mouse, only the size of half of my thumb. So young that it did not seem to know how to eat solid food yet.

措貝瑪 Tso Pema
120814 Tso Pema 030
120814 Tso Pema 032120814 Tso Pema 038120814 Tso Pema 039就是原本曼達拉娃公主的父王要燒死蓮花生大士的那個湖,不過反而因為蓮師在此顯現種種神跡而收服了這個小王國信仰佛法。


The lake where Padmasambhava performed miracles and tamed the king/people of Princess Mandarava’s kingdom.

There are so many fishes in the lake. Seeing them seeking endlessly for food is such a sadening thing.  They are among the most fortunate fishes in the world – plenty of food available in a safe environment. Yet they can not do something meaningful such as helping each other or doing some practice. All they know is looking for more food…  very rarely can I think of the downfalls of taking  rebirth in the animal realm and this is one of the few rare moments.

120814 Tso Pema 040120814 Tso Pema 042



Quite amazingly ran into Semzang here. She told us about the Driburi pilgrimage back in Spiti and we did not see each other for all these days (she does not have a mobile). Just during this short time by the lake to feed the fishes, she happened to come to feed the ducks on her last day in Tso Pema. Speaking of karmic connections, this must be one of them.

120814 Tso Pema 035120814 Tso Pema 044


There are a giant Guru Rinpoche statue and many monasteries by the lake, including a big Sikh temple (Sikhs also consider Padmasambhava to be a saint of theirs).

自生度母像 Self-arising Tara Image


This is by a bodhi tree near Ontrul Rinpoche’s monastery.

120814 Tso Pema 046120814 Tso Pema 045

曼達拉娃洞 Mandarava Cave

曼達拉娃修行的岩洞。這裡的尼師會講很多很多的故事,岩壁上有手印、寶冠印……她説這是曼達拉娃和蓮師初見的地方,慕斯唐的Lo-gekar則是第一次蓮師、曼達拉娃、耶喜措嘉會面的地方。聽到Lo Gekar就很高興,聽到耶喜措嘉去過慕斯唐就更高興了。話說回來,作為第一位伏藏師取藏的地方,耶喜措嘉曾經去過那裡,也就一點也不奇怪了。
120814 Tso Pema 048
120814 Tso Pema 049這幾個指印很清楚,像是有人把岩石當麵團捏了一把的樣子。

If you can speak Tibetan, the nun looking after this place can tell you all sort of things, from the history of the cave to the various prints on the rock – hand prints, imprints of ritual crowns…

This hand print is the most visible one. You can place your hand over it, as if you could take a grip of the rock as a dough.

120814 Tso Pema 050


I was car sick all the way to Tso Pema, and again car sick all the way back to Bir.  This amazing scene showed up during the few seconds I happened to sit up on the way back. A beautiful end to a day full of blessings.

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