Love, Petals, Guru And Wedding in India

120801 YY wedding 066A couple’s loving commitment
Blessed by the Guru
With friends and a myriad of petals as witnesses



I had the fortune to see two weddings/marriage blessings this month in India. Beautiful!


120801 YY wedding 001120801 YY wedding 004120801 YY wedding 007120801 YY wedding 010
120801 YY wedding 009120801 YY wedding 008120801 YY wedding 026
120801 YY wedding 019120801 YY wedding 101120801 YY wedding 139

Of course, the most important thing is to have the blessings from the guru.
120801 YY wedding 055120801 YY wedding 058

Even the wedding cake was like a dream, especially in the rural part of India.
120801 YY wedding 161120801 YY wedding 164

The 2nd couple received their blessings in public in the classroom – Manjushri Hall at Deer Park Institute.
120805 DJKR Deer Park 059120805 DJKR Deer Park 060

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

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