IBA的仁钦嘉岑喇嘛 Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen


上个月在比尔听钦哲仁波切的课时,欢喜见到他。前两天又在法王府见到他,原来他离开比尔之后,就来法王这边闭关。看到他在Facebook 上的留言,很是感动,跟大家分享:

Lama Rinchen is the fist western monk I know and also my first translation teacher back in 2008 in IBA. So happy to see his recent announcements at Facebook. I am translating his words into Chinese here as I think they are really inspiring 🙂






“I think it healthy to expose ourselves to new ideas, even more so if they are radically different than our own. With this in mind, let me introduce to you, two brothers that make my efforts in meditation seem like child’s play. This is most likely the only photo you will ever see of the Aki brothers. They dwell in meditation at HH Sakya Trizin’s retreat center, committed to stay in retreat for the rest of their lives. How many people do you know that voluntarily impose on themselves a life sentence dedicated to spiritual development? For them it is the perfect opportunity for freedom.”

—Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen



仁钦喇嘛近来正式被法王授予“喇嘛”头衔(即上师的意思,获得法王认可,真正具有教授弟子的资格),即将前往西班牙中心就任:Fundación Sakya Fundación



在最近结束一次闭关时,我的根本上师——尊贵的 萨迦崔津法王给了我一个新头衔,并且任命我成为西班牙一个佛法中心的常驻喇嘛。



“This is my new destination.
Upon concluding a recent retreat my root guru, HH Sakya Trizin, gave me a new title and assigned me as the resident lama of a Dharma center in Spain. This all came as a big surprise to me but since His Holiness’ words have always been a great blessing, I am very happy to follow his direction.
I’m looking forward to Spain and the challenging task of helping to develop the center’s activities.”

—Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara

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