Revered Lepcha Priest at Sikkim Palace Monastery 錫金雷普恰族祭師於皇家寺廟接受表揚

Today a revered Lepcha priest came to the Sikkim Palace Monastery (Tsuklakhang) to receive a formal recognition on his contribution to the society. Lepcha people are the aboriginal inhabitants of Sikkim, mostly settled in North Sikkim. Most of them follow the Tibetan Buddhism while keeping their original Shamanism culture of  worshipping the nature. The tribal priests would perform rituals to honor and appease the mountain guardians but unfotunately the lineage is dying. The community are presenting tributes to two senior priests today while one of them passed away already.


130407 Gangtok_046

Some photos and clippings on the board to show the activities of these senior priests. The little monks also joined the prayers and helped with the setup.
130407 Gangtok_014130407 Gangtok_033
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Then the old priest performed a ritual with smoke offering and throwing rice. After that, he blessed the Lepcha people one by one, especially for those born in the year of snake, to dispel all their obstacles for this year of snake.
130407 Gangtok_062130407 Gangtok_058
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This is a Mahasiddha: Lhatsun Namkha Jigme, the revealer of Riwo Sangcho/Rigdzin Sogdrub,an extremely important figure for spreading dharma in Sikkim, and also a previous incarnation of the khyentse lineage. 這是拉尊· 南卡·吉美,他在錫金取出了著名的《山淨煙供》等諸多伏藏,是奠定錫金佛法基礎的一位重要大成就者,也是欽哲的前世之一。
130407 Gangtok_112 130407 Gangtok_114

The committee members and the old priest. 委員會工作人員與祭師的合影。
130407 Gangtok_132

When I wandered around, the window of the mahakala room was open. The yellow curtain moved along with the breeze. I cannot help but wandering, if I had come here 55 years earlier, maybe I would have had the great fortune to have  a glimpse of Khyntse Chokyi Lodro here. His room was the 1st floor room at the photo to the right while the ground floor room belonged to his consort, Khandro Tsering Chodron. People are still doing circumambulations here.

130407 Gangtok_042130407 Gangtok_045

IMG_1672As usual, I have to talk about the food. The lunch they served was so delicious – paneer curry, ema datsi, eggplant tempura, pakora, daal,  vermicelli with green vegetables, masala potatoes, fresh pickle with grinded cheese…I forgot the food in Sikkim monasteries can be this delicious, and all vegetarian!

I have to admit that I had no idea what Lepcha is earlier this morning. I happened to run into some young people when going out and ended up attending this event, having great food and enjoying the flowers, sunshine and breeze at this beautiful premise.

May all cultural heritage be preserved and carried on with meaningful contribution to the humanity and benefits to all beings.



今天本來是要去另一個地方的,出門時遇到小朋友,就臨時改成跟他們來這裡,於是朝拜了寺廟,欣賞了春天的花草,又撈到一頓這麽好吃的。來的時候,連雷普恰是什麽都不知道~ 現在跟大家介紹一下,算我沒有白吃人家一頓飯。願所有文化遺產皆得具義延續,利益眾生。

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