The Border (TV series)

最近努力地看這個加拿大電視劇,講邊境安全,抓恐怖分子、走私犯之類的,因為Hulu馬上要到期(下個月要換Amazon Instant Video試試,之前是看Netflex)。









Finally finished watching season three on Hulu. The Canadian border security team was in a fierce gunfire in the last episode and without season 4, you can’t tell who would live or die…

And then thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I finally realized that CBC cut this drama series after season 3. So this puzzle would never be solved. It feels like being cheated.

Maybe next time I should check the review before starting watching a TV series.

But every series has the day of ending. Beside, how many seasons can be qualified as a proper ending?

In the end, this is yet another object of sense pleasure (in Buddhism terms), which either ceases to exist or becomes not that interesting anymore if being there for too long. Indeed pointless, all these things.

Yet, propelled by the power of habit, I still indulge in one after another… despite of always ending up with dissatisfaction or lack of excitement. Nowadays I can clearly see myself turning the wheel of samsara round and round.

Elas, may I soon be free from the habitual patterns.

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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