The Getty Museum, Los Angeles 蓋蒂博物館

Form, shape, line, structure, color…
And most important of all,
The light, the luminosity!

130626 Getty_008130626 Getty_033130626 Getty_050130626 Getty_053

Amazing architecture, but is it really good to push everything to the limit?

Those early LA diners started using large glass window so that by passing people can see customers devouring inside and thus feel attracted. The open kitchen inside a restaurant can make customers feel the waiting time is shorter before their food is served. But the open kitchen concept is only limited for the view of the upper body of chef because you don’t want people to see the cook dropping something on the floor which would associate with something negative…all sort of tricks. Yes, we want people to consume more, eat more and preferably more of lower cost stuff, hence the obesity and those poisonous stuff flowing all around. Is it really good to push everything to the limit?




130626 Getty_017 130626 Getty_021 130626 Getty_025

While developing country people would be sarcastic about the Middle East’s sitting on piles of oil money and lack of democracy etc., it is shocking to learn that California used to account for 1/5 of world’s oil production yet nowadays, not too long after that period, the local government has been on the verge of insolvency.


130626 Getty_061 130626 Getty_064

Still, thanks to the wealthy Californians so that there are all sort of beautiful experiment of architect for public landmark buildings, corporate buildings and individual residences, plus this well-run, inspiring and free museum for all to visit.

They even have their own tram!


130626 Getty_059

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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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