Happy Losar at Chorten 美好的藏曆新年從見多智欽仁波切開始!

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A beautiful sunny day for Losar (the Tibetan New Year)  at Chorten Monastery, Sikkim, with presence of Dodrupchen Rinpoche. What a great start of joyful blessings for the new year!!

Today is also the last day of the Vajrakilaya Drupchen. Rinpoche was in the main shrine hall for about two hours in the morning, granting blessings to the participants.

Despite of all the crowds flooding the monastery, I coincidentally ended up sitting in a place almost identical to where I sat throughout the Sakya Center’s Kilaya puja,  hence being able to take some pictures.




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140302 Losar_094b140302 Losar_097b

After Rinpoche left, a lot of devotees came paying homage to his throne.
140302 Losar_106140302 Losar_108140302 Losar_110

Tea and sweet butter rice for all. This was taken before the crowds spotting these goodies. Non-stop of hundreds of people around within 10 minutes afterwards. This may well be my expertise – subconsciously drawn to where good food is before anybody else.
140302 Losar_038 140302 Losar_039 140302 Losar_112


And the beautiful flowers at Chorten! It is orchid season now. I so worship the senior lama who takes care of all these flowers now.

May all sentient beings find beauty, purity, peace and happiness in all their perceptions.



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Sarva mangalam.

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One Response to Happy Losar at Chorten 美好的藏曆新年從見多智欽仁波切開始!

  1. IC Chao says:


    Bless you & your friends HAPPY & HEALTHY in all the days both of us shall face!

    Keep contact, at lease 2 mails per every month!!

    Chao I. C. in Taipei



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