Zumba and Indiscrimination真是蠻欽佩美國人民的

After trying zumba in Phuket, I am pretty into this type of exercise now. For a couch potato like myself, this is literally the only fun exercise to do at the gym.


One evening, I went to the zumba class and saw an overweighed girl testing the mic. I was thinking, ‘It’s kind of odd,’ as the typical gym staff there were those 18 years old young people with perfect fit bodies.  But, well, you probably can’t have that kind of standard for a technician.


Then, when the class began, she was still there, with the head mic, saying, ‘Welcome to my class…’

That really had my jaw open for quite a while. She was shorter than me,  which made her not even 5’ 2″, while being probably 200 pounds. For sure, in the category of obesity!


Now that’s something I really like US. There is really not much discrimination here. I mean, who says a female gym class teacher has to look like a super model? Although I don’t see any gym in Taiwan or China would hire an overweight person to be their trainer. But here, as long as you are good at it, you really do not get discriminated because of your weight, age etc.



She was a very good dancer. She certainly knew how to move with those Latino music. Still, for the first 10 minutes, whenever I looked at her, I’d be smiling because somehow I still expected the one leading the class to have a perfect body.

Then soon I realize there was something that no other so-called ‘normal’ teachers can do—she motivated me like no one else. I mean, even she was doing jumping jacks, I really had no excuse not doing those hops and jumps. (Not like if I see a super-fit trainer, I can always think these moves may be too intensive for my knees etc.) So her class has become my favorite now.



Another key lesson I learn from her is: for losing weight, what really matters is how much you eat rather than how much you exercise. She was having 3 hours of zumba classes on that day. After going to her classes for a month now, she is still at 200 pounds’ range. :p


Anyway, she is really good at picking songs. I really like this one from her class. Going to make it my morning alarm clock, which should cheer me up for the whole day.


Mi Cucu

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