My Idiot-proof Bread Recipe 歐式雜糧麵包(免揉麵)



This is like an unbelievably easy recipe for making bread—no kneading, no nothing.Simply mix the ingredient and throw it into the oven, and voilà! It suits me especially since all American breads are way too salty for me except for the one and only low-sodium bread available at Sprouts. With this recipe, I can make all sort of breads of different flavors according to my moods. Having my Staub cast iron oven, I can even envision making this in places like India where I don’t have an oven.


1. 300g (2 cups) All purpose organic unbleached flour

2. 100g (2/3 cups) Seven grains organic wheat flour

3. 4g (1/2 tsp) sea salt

4. 2g (1/2 tsp) active yeast

5. 300g (1+1/3 cup) room temperature water

6. Wheat bran

7. Flaxseed meal 1/4 cups (optional)

8. Nuts or dried blueberry (optional)


1. Mix ingredients 1–5

I usually use 200g all purpose flour, 100g wheat flour, and 100g of my own mix of 6 grains (i.e. Barley, Brown Rice, Corn, Millet, Oats and Rye)

The optional items listed in 7 & 8 are really up to your own creativity. I have tried cinnamon powder with walnut, cranberry with pecan etc.

Simply take a big mixing bowl, place it on a scale, throw in all the dry ingredients, mix a bit, then add water, mix until it is smooth. Then cover the bowl with a damp towel.

2. Let the dough sit for 12-18 hours (for fermentation)

3. Shaping and 2nd fermentation: Dust a working area with flour, take out the slow risen dough and gently shape the dough into a round form. Place the shaped dough on the towel, dust the upper part with wheat bran, cover it with the rest of the towel and let it sit again. (The original recipe calls for a 2 hour 2nd fermentation, but I usually just utilize the 30 minutes of oven preheat time. Once I even got by with only 15 minutes preheat and 2nd fermentation when I was in a rush to go out.)

4. Preheat the oven for 30 minutes at 475F, including a covered heavy pot inside at the rack of the lower 1/3 part. (My go to pot is a 4Q cast iron Staub French oven. My friend uses a claypot.)

5. Take out the heated pot, place the dough inside, put the lid back on, and place the pot back to the oven and bake for 25-35 minutes, and another 3-15 minutes after removing the pot lid

6. lift the bread to a cooling rack and only slice it after it is completely cool, i.e. usually after 30min–1 hour



1. 300g (2 杯)有機麵粉

2. 100g (2/3 杯) 七穀麵粉

3. 4g (1/2 茶匙)鹽

4. 2g (1/2 茶匙)酵母

5. 300g(1又1/3杯)室溫的水

6. 麥麩

7. 亞麻籽粉 1/4杯(選用)

8. 乾果或蔓越莓乾 (選用)


1. 混合1-5的材料

   – 我通常是用200克的麵粉,100克的全麥粉,100克自己混合的蕎麥、糙米、玉米、 小米、燕麥、黑麥粉

   – 亞麻籽粉加不加都可以,其他口味可以換著做。我試過不錯的,是肉桂粉+核桃,蔓越莓乾+山核桃。

   – 拿個大不銹鋼盆,放在秤上,把乾的材料一一加入,然後稍微混合一下(這時就可以從秤上拿下來了啦)。之後再加水,攪到混合均勻就可以。最後拿塊濕布蓋起來,等它自己發酵。

2. 發酵12-18小時

3. 整形和二次發酵:平台上撒麵粉,拿出發酵好的麵團,稍微弄成圓形,放在本來蓋在上面的那塊棉布上,麵團表面撒上麥麩。二次發酵的時間,原來食譜說是2小時,但我通常就是預熱烤箱的30分鐘,有一次急著出門,只等了15分鐘也都沒問題。

4. 烤箱預熱30分鐘(攝氏245度,華氏475度),把鑄鐵鍋或砂鍋放在下面1/3處的烤架上一起預熱

5. 拿出烤箱裡的鍋子,把麵團倒進鍋裡,再把鍋子蓋好,放回烤箱裡烤25-35分鐘,開蓋再烤3-15分鐘。(我們家烤箱通常就是烤30分鐘,開蓋後再烤個幾分鐘,主要是看你想要表面多金黃和麵包多乾)

6. 取出,放散熱架上等涼了再切(至少半小時)









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