The Inborn Characters 從小見大








Whenever I see young kids with strong inborn characters, it always reminds me of how our habitual patterns from past lives can continue affecting our behaviors and thinking patterns.

Akasha Vajra Rinpoche has always been like a king, since the first time I saw him—that is, a baby could not even utter a word yet acts as a king, centered, decisive, giving clear orders around with charisma and leadership.

To Akasha Vajra Rinpoche’s repeating requests to play, Siddharth Vajra Rinpoche simply shrugged them off, and continued to one-pointedly watch the auspicious dance performance on the stage, even with palms folded together at heart level! He must have been an amazing practitioner.

And Luding Shabdrung Rinpoche, he simply observed all this silently. A good quality for someone born to be a future vinaya holder, I guess.

The continuum…

May we cultivate positive habits to bring forth even greater positive habits for proceeding on the path of benefiting others.


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a simple wandering being on less beaten tracks in samsara


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