無敵簡單的自製酸奶 Homemade Yogurt



So a couple of weeks ago my housemate said he was going to make yogurt himself. And from the next day on, we have been having freshly made yogurt every since. Yes, it does taste better than the store purchased ones.

Today just out of curiosity, I asked him about the process and it turned out to be much much easier than I ever expected. I guess I was fooled by all those fancy instant pots, bread machines and rice cookers with their “yogurt making mode".


  1. 加熱牛奶,滾了以後可以小火煮久些 (蒸發掉的水分愈多,做出來的酸奶就愈濃稠)
  2. 稍微涼後倒進砂鍋裡,等到溫度微溫時,加一湯匙原有的酸奶,稍微攪拌
  3. 蓋上後等12小時,凝結後就可以放冰箱拉~

It literally only needs 3 steps according to him:

  1. Boil the milk (can be simmered for a longer period to make the milk thicker and hence the end product will also turn thicker)
  2. Pour the milk into a clay pot when it’s bit cooler (actually it can be any pot or container, sometimes he just pours it when the milk becomes lukewarm) and add one teaspoon of yogurt in to the milk when the milk becomes lukewarm.
  3. Let it sit for 12 hours and it’s ready to be put into the fridge after being coagulated.


Of course, I think the raw ingredient is important. In Nepal, only grass fed milk is available. And this heat retaining Japanese pot probably also makes some difference. (Without it, in winter time, you may need to figure out another way to keep regular pots lukewarm for a longer period of time, such as wrapping some towels around–at least that’s what they did in Himalaya.)

Flower Juice 紅花汁

Flower juice. Lama said these tree flowers have medicinal properties for curing heat related ailment such as dizziness, headache, nose bleeding etc.

They used to eat these flowers for fun as kids. Juicing is more a modern day phenomena. 

A lot of work to come up with little juice and only 120 Rs per bottle. Quite refreshing taste. 



@Kangra, India. On the way from Bir to Tso Pena.  印度比爾到措貝瑪的中途




Epicurean 這塊果然像他們宣傳的一樣,木屑壓成的滑板材質,很堅固,薄薄一片,用過後就很難回去用一般厚重的砧板了。而且材質沒有氣孔,不會長霉,這塊用了一年多,確實如此。據說也不傷刀刃。因為是木屑做的,還很環保。目前是我的最愛。

Husk’s Ware 這個米糠壓的也很厲害,和上面那塊同時買的,也同樣環保又不長霉。缺點是很重,小塊用用還行,大塊就和傳統木頭砧板一樣重。另外因為是凹凸表面的,不適合用有鋸齒的刀切東西。還有,硬度應該比上面那塊高,基本沒有刮痕,所以有點擔心會傷刀刃。目前拿來送給切東西比較暴力的人使用。經久耐用應該這個排第一。 :p

從蟹足菇到泥鰍 from beech mushrooms to loaches






Looking at these beech mushrooms today cooked for lunch today, all a sudden I thought of a dish my grandmother described to me when I was really young. 

She said, you put some clean and seasoned live loaches with a block of cold tofu together, steam them. The loaches would go inside the tofu to avoid heat and you end up with a tofu with loaches inlayed beautifully. 

As a child, I found it interesting. Later I always though it’s such a cruel way to cook. Now I wonder why people can’t simply eat plants like mushrooms and leave those poor sentient beings alone. Not to mentioned that, a lot of these weird things chinese people eat don’t even taste good and you actually have to use very heavy sauce or seasoning to cover that meat’s original taste. This is even true for our regular animal protein–if you ask someone who has never eaten port, veal or fish in their life to give it a try, I’m pretty sure they’d find its taste stinking and horrible. This is a common experience for people restarting eating meat after being vegetarian for some time. So really, unlike sugar may be an inbuilt desirable taste for human beings, animal protein is more of an acquired taste. 

I’ve been watching the TV show Hannibal recently. Somehow I really feel it’s an alternative campaign for vegetarian diet. Once you become conscious of what you put in mouth, no matter how seemingly civilized the meal and table setting appears, you’d find it hard to swallow. Vegetarian is really the way to go. 

Portobello Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Egg 日曬蕃茄羅勒醬波特菇蛋


Love asparagus!! And all for only $1 USD! Portobello mushrooms are 2 for $1. Definitely something I’ll miss when leaving US. 


油鍋爆香碎蒜粒,略煎大菇逼出水份,翻過來在菇的皺摺處抹上一層日曬蕃茄羅勒醬(日曬蕃茄、羅勒、松子、腰果、橄欖油), 打個蛋在上面,蛋半熟時鹽胡椒調味,翻面在煎幾十秒就可以上桌了。保證好吃,而且失敗機率極低!

I invented this dish yesterday because we have some left over sun dried tomato pesto sauce which I want to get rid of. It turned out so good that I made it for breakfast again today. 

It’s utmost simple: just briefly pan fried a portobello mushroom with a little oil and minced garlic to get the water out, turn the portobello and add some sun dried tomato pesto sauce (tomato, basil, cashew, pine, olive oil) and an egg on top, season with little salt and pepper on the egg when it’s almost done, and voilà! 

葡萄香日本紅茶 Grace Piece Tea











My Idiot-proof Bread Recipe 歐式雜糧麵包(免揉麵)



This is like an unbelievably easy recipe for making bread—no kneading, no nothing.Simply mix the ingredient and throw it into the oven, and voilà! It suits me especially since all American breads are way too salty for me except for the one and only low-sodium bread available at Sprouts. With this recipe, I can make all sort of breads of different flavors according to my moods. Having my Staub cast iron oven, I can even envision making this in places like India where I don’t have an oven.


1. 300g (2 cups) All purpose organic unbleached flour

2. 100g (2/3 cups) Seven grains organic wheat flour

3. 4g (1/2 tsp) sea salt

4. 2g (1/2 tsp) active yeast

5. 300g (1+1/3 cup) room temperature water

6. Wheat bran

7. Flaxseed meal 1/4 cups (optional)

8. Nuts or dried blueberry (optional)


1. Mix ingredients 1–5

I usually use 200g all purpose flour, 100g wheat flour, and 100g of my own mix of 6 grains (i.e. Barley, Brown Rice, Corn, Millet, Oats and Rye)

The optional items listed in 7 & 8 are really up to your own creativity. I have tried cinnamon powder with walnut, cranberry with pecan etc.

Simply take a big mixing bowl, place it on a scale, throw in all the dry ingredients, mix a bit, then add water, mix until it is smooth. Then cover the bowl with a damp towel.

2. Let the dough sit for 12-18 hours (for fermentation)

3. Shaping and 2nd fermentation: Dust a working area with flour, take out the slow risen dough and gently shape the dough into a round form. Place the shaped dough on the towel, dust the upper part with wheat bran, cover it with the rest of the towel and let it sit again. (The original recipe calls for a 2 hour 2nd fermentation, but I usually just utilize the 30 minutes of oven preheat time. Once I even got by with only 15 minutes preheat and 2nd fermentation when I was in a rush to go out.)

4. Preheat the oven for 30 minutes at 475F, including a covered heavy pot inside at the rack of the lower 1/3 part. (My go to pot is a 4Q cast iron Staub French oven. My friend uses a claypot.)

5. Take out the heated pot, place the dough inside, put the lid back on, and place the pot back to the oven and bake for 25-35 minutes, and another 3-15 minutes after removing the pot lid

6. lift the bread to a cooling rack and only slice it after it is completely cool, i.e. usually after 30min–1 hour



1. 300g (2 杯)有機麵粉

2. 100g (2/3 杯) 七穀麵粉

3. 4g (1/2 茶匙)鹽

4. 2g (1/2 茶匙)酵母

5. 300g(1又1/3杯)室溫的水

6. 麥麩

7. 亞麻籽粉 1/4杯(選用)

8. 乾果或蔓越莓乾 (選用)


1. 混合1-5的材料

   – 我通常是用200克的麵粉,100克的全麥粉,100克自己混合的蕎麥、糙米、玉米、 小米、燕麥、黑麥粉

   – 亞麻籽粉加不加都可以,其他口味可以換著做。我試過不錯的,是肉桂粉+核桃,蔓越莓乾+山核桃。

   – 拿個大不銹鋼盆,放在秤上,把乾的材料一一加入,然後稍微混合一下(這時就可以從秤上拿下來了啦)。之後再加水,攪到混合均勻就可以。最後拿塊濕布蓋起來,等它自己發酵。

2. 發酵12-18小時

3. 整形和二次發酵:平台上撒麵粉,拿出發酵好的麵團,稍微弄成圓形,放在本來蓋在上面的那塊棉布上,麵團表面撒上麥麩。二次發酵的時間,原來食譜說是2小時,但我通常就是預熱烤箱的30分鐘,有一次急著出門,只等了15分鐘也都沒問題。

4. 烤箱預熱30分鐘(攝氏245度,華氏475度),把鑄鐵鍋或砂鍋放在下面1/3處的烤架上一起預熱

5. 拿出烤箱裡的鍋子,把麵團倒進鍋裡,再把鍋子蓋好,放回烤箱裡烤25-35分鐘,開蓋再烤3-15分鐘。(我們家烤箱通常就是烤30分鐘,開蓋後再烤個幾分鐘,主要是看你想要表面多金黃和麵包多乾)

6. 取出,放散熱架上等涼了再切(至少半小時)









美國版的不丹國餚: 起司辣椒加蘑菇

Staub and jalapeño version of mushroom emadatsi. I’ll just share my improvised recipe in Chinese so that Bhutanese can spare themselves from laughing at me 🙂


1. 蒜蓉爆香
2. 加入蘑菇或其他菌類(杏鮑菇也好,切大塊,要有口感的)
3. 加點鹽(其實對口味偏淡的我,不用加鹽單靠起司中的鹽分就夠了,撒點鹽主要是為了讓菌菇快點出水)
4. 菌菇類半熟時加去籽的辣椒段(因為我怕辣)
5. 蔬菜熟到自己想要的程度後,水也收乾到差不多時,加上起司,翻攪一下,讓起司均勻附在蔬菜上(起司切片會比較容易化開)
6. 然後就可以移到數個這種巴掌大的小瓦罐中,要吃的時候進烤箱烤一下就好。


1511474_10153844233215727_2001660132_n (1)

Food Inc. 食品帝國

Food Inc.  An amazing and startling documentary. A friend forwarded me this 2 years ago and I finally watched it on Hulu. Wish I did that earlier. May all be healthy and kind to animals.

朋友兩年前就轉給我看的紀錄片,拖到昨天才終於看了[汗] 早看就好了。















簡體版: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/r5AG1ywUq6I

繁體版:食品帝國片頭 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsmZbRoyme8&feature=related

食品帝國_速食魅力無法檔1   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vV1XpAPPps&feature=related

食品帝國_速食魅力無法檔2  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suec4JHCRlA&feature=related

食品帝國.無法預期的後果  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK8gd7Z4VUQ&feature=related

食品帝國.無法預期的後果2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2zmxtQUYrE&feature=related

食品帝國.玉米玉米我愛你 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yRfgnRPRFk&feature=related

食品帝國.便宜的代價 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpqA3JR3PS8

食品帝國.草中奧秘 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nS2DIx1gpQ&feature=related

食品帝國.草中奧秘2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM0HdiNxRIk&feature=related

紀錄片「食品帝國」(Food, Inc.)


記錄片歷時6年,由導演Robert Kenner四處採訪拍攝而成。紀錄片同時也拍攝例如孟山都(Monsanto)這類食品企業如何經過打壓一般農民,來傾銷自家的基因改造種子,這些抗農藥、耐旱的種子大量進入農田。基因改造後的種子隨風飄散入附近農田,許多沒有使用孟山都種子的農家因此遭到孟山都提告,理由是侵害專利。許多農民無法負擔訴訟費用選擇和解。




錫金的蘿蔔泡菜 Radish Pickle from Sikkim




The other day when we were having tea at someone’s place, it happened that their Nepalese maid was making radish pickle. We got a small jar of this super delicious pickle from the last batch. And the recipe seems simple enough that there is no reason not to try.


1. 蘿蔔連皮切條,辣椒依自己喜好的量也切條,陰乾,去掉表面多餘水份。
Slice radish (without peeling) and chili, and dry the surface moisture

2. 白芝麻炒香後,磨成粉。(終於有一個食譜是能利用到果汁機附贈的那個磨粉機了)
Warm the white sesame seeds in a pan to bring the flavor and machine-grind them into powder

3. 蘿蔔和辣椒放進乾淨瓶中,加上芝麻粉、鹽 、芥子油拌勻,封住罐子,每隔幾天把罐子上下倒一下就好。
Put the radish and chili pepper inside a clean jar, mix evenly with the sesame powder, salt and mustard oil. Seal the jar, maybe shake the jar a bit every few days to ensure the ingredients get evenly seasoned and fermented, and just wait to enjoy your pickle in 10 days!


It would be wonderful to have home-made pickles free from preservatives and artificial flavors! Can’t wait to make this when I go home.


P.S. Can also add garlic. Minimum marination for 10 days.



2013/11 第一次試作,趕著離開上海,所以只醃了5天,但是已經很好吃了。加了薑絲、蒜頭、尖椒,还有一点花椒,用的是菜籽油。

First time making it. Didn’t have enough time so only marinated for 5 days but super delicious already! I also added fine shredded ginger and some Chinese peppers.

IMG_3904    IMG_3951IMG_3905