藏曆猴年的最後一天 Last Day of the Monkey Year




In short, the very end of the monkey year is as unsettling as the 2nd half of the year. With only 3 hours of sleep and then 2 hours of driving for the sutra resounding, it was such a stretch.



Fortunately, safe travel marked the end of the day. And just now I completed the major translation project of this year! It started in Kurje Bumthang and got completed on the last day of the Monkey year. What a blessing to be able to connect with Guru Rinpoche in this way. May the seed blossom and soon bear fruits. May Guru Rinpoche’s blessings shower on all beings at all times.



一切諸法空 云何問名號 IMG_8424
過去法已滅 當來法未生
現在法不住 仁者問誰名
空法亦非人 非龍非羅剎
人與非人等 一切不可得


當發菩提心 廣濟諸群生
是則供正覺 三十二明相
設滿恒沙剎 珍妙莊嚴具
奉獻諸如來 及歡喜頂戴
不如以慈心 迴向於菩提
是福為最勝 無量無有邊
餘供無過者 超踰不可計
如是菩提心 必成等正覺




Love these verses read during today’s sutra resounding. Share with all for the new year:

The Illusory Absorption

King Glorious Splendor asked two boys of their names. And even before they entered the bodhisattva path, one boy replied:

Name is empty of name;
In names there are no names.
All phenomena are devoid of names,
And still they are described using names.

Later, the two boys generated bodhichitta with these verses (one of the boy became the utterly famous Avalokiteshvara in later lives):

If you give rise to the mind of awakening
In order to help all embodied beings,
You will be venerating the buddhas
With their thirty-two major marks.
A being may make offerings
By filling as many buddha realms
As there are grains of sand in the Ganges River
With flowers for the protectors of the world.
Yet if a person joins his palms
And bows to the mind of awakening,
His merit will be much larger
And know no bounds.
The one with superior intelligence has shown
The mind of awakening, precisely as it is.
There is no other comparable offering,
And no other similar glory.’

In the presence of the protector of the world,
We make a firm commitment.
Gods and men, listen
To this unsurpassed lion’s roar.

However long it may have been
Since saṃsāra’s unknowable beginning,
For that long, even if it takes many eons,
We shall act for the welfare of beings.

For as many eons as have passed
Since the very beginning, for that many eons
We shall act as you have taught
In order to help beings.

May all generate bodhicitta like these Maha-Bodhisattvas!

IMG_8438 982978997

(Thanks to whoever put such lovely food on my plate today. And Tara, the youngest participant in our Tsog gathering.)

A Key 一把鑰匙







Last November at Sikkim’s Chorten Monastery,on a main passage leading to the office and monks’quarter, someone hung this key.

I somehow became obsessed with this key. It simply appeared at such an abnormal place to me. I walked below it everyday during that period, thinking all sorts of possible reasons why it was there while all other people did not seem to care about it at all.

It feels like all a sudden there is someone walking around with horns but nobody makes a fuss about it.

Today, seeing this picture makes me start wondering again.





2008年剛學佛法時,去了台中一趟。那時,大舅媽在門口養了一盆臉盆大小的蓮花,每一朵都只有半個巴掌大小。我頭像上的那朵白蓮花,就是那天中午照的。就像她人一樣,靜靜地開在那裡,但是看了就很安心,就有了陽光。0803 Taiwan 010_LR1聽說前天她出門時被車撞,傷勢太重,昨夜過世了。剛聽到時有點麻木,太突然,不像真的。後半天,一想到她的好,就開始掉眼淚。


雨後的蝸牛 Snails after Rain



Countless mini snails came to the drive way and paved garden areas. Literally hundreds died when driving in and out of garage. Though small, they are still lives – actually very cute lives in close look.



IMG_4768 IMG_4771


Didi was also very interested in them. It is fortunate that he is a British breed instead of a French breed. Otherwise, he might have enjoyed them as a big feast.



IMG_4772So while Didi is taking his walk, I swept these tiny creatures back to the meadow while chanting Mani for them. May the diseased be cared for in Sukhavati and the alive ones enjoy a live without sufferings. 


Happy Losar at Chorten 美好的藏曆新年從見多智欽仁波切開始!

untitled062(LR)01   140302 Losar_119

A beautiful sunny day for Losar (the Tibetan New Year)  at Chorten Monastery, Sikkim, with presence of Dodrupchen Rinpoche. What a great start of joyful blessings for the new year!!

Today is also the last day of the Vajrakilaya Drupchen. Rinpoche was in the main shrine hall for about two hours in the morning, granting blessings to the participants.

Despite of all the crowds flooding the monastery, I coincidentally ended up sitting in a place almost identical to where I sat throughout the Sakya Center’s Kilaya puja,  hence being able to take some pictures.




140302 Losar_092 140302 Losar_102140302 Losar_098140302 Losar_086140302 Losar_095untitled066(LR)01
140302 Losar_094b140302 Losar_097b

After Rinpoche left, a lot of devotees came paying homage to his throne.
140302 Losar_106140302 Losar_108140302 Losar_110

Tea and sweet butter rice for all. This was taken before the crowds spotting these goodies. Non-stop of hundreds of people around within 10 minutes afterwards. This may well be my expertise – subconsciously drawn to where good food is before anybody else.
140302 Losar_038 140302 Losar_039 140302 Losar_112


And the beautiful flowers at Chorten! It is orchid season now. I so worship the senior lama who takes care of all these flowers now.

May all sentient beings find beauty, purity, peace and happiness in all their perceptions.



140302 Losar_042140302 Losar_043b140302 Losar_053b140302 Losar_054b140302 Losar_068140302 Losar_061140302 Losar_063140302 Losar_059140302 Losar_076140302 Losar_073140302 Losar_070140302 Losar_071140302 Losar_065140302 Losar_075

Sarva mangalam.

你睡得好嗎?Sleep Efficiency



一夜見分曉,除了起來上廁所外,一動都不動,睡眠效率是99%!![汗] 所以我是先天不適合長時間工作的~



Got one of this to track my sleep. It was triggered by a dinner with several very successful ex-colleagues who all claimed that they don’t need much sleep nowadays, like 5 hours a day is enough. So I started wondering how come I still need minimum 8 hours and ideally 10 hours of sleep a day? Can it be the problem of my sleep quality?

And the answer is a clearly no. Not only did I not toss around while sleeping, but actually I did not move at all except for the toilet breaks. I guess I simply need that long hours of sleep, just like a baby.

Having said that, also it was quite fun. For sure I am not going to carry something constantly sending wireless/bluetooth signals. Nowadays I even turn my mobile phone to airplane mode and keep it far away while going to bed. I simply don’t want my brain fried by those wireless signals as shown in that Danish wifi beansprout experiment!

131212 Screenshot_美图

Fitbit® One™  I Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker – Advanced tracking for daily activity, sleep, and stairs climbed.

補車窗 Windshield Chip Fix


First car, first stone flying off highway and unfortunately hitting right on, first chip on the windshield, and first auto insurance claim!



Their service is quite good. Just a phone call and then they sent a glass shop to you to fix the damage. If I heard correctly, they can fix chips smaller than a one-dollar bill. That is a pretty big chip they can fix!



After the fix, it is almost invisible unless closely examined.  Photo by the iphone with Olloclip:





Let me pray this won’t  happen to me again. Or maybe I should be thankful that it was this small rock hitting my car instead of the metal ladder falling from a truck in front the other day.





More photos with Olloclip. The macro lens is the most interesting one among the three. Just wonder whether I can use magnifier to achieve the same effect. Or eye glasses?

艶陽天摘桃子 Peach Picking


This time in US, I was first greeted by the loquats from the garden.  There are so many that I ended up using them to make smoothies.

IMG_1834 IMG_1848
IMG_2003 130629 Jasons_002




Then a cousin offered many of her home grown blackberries so my breakfast switched to organic berry smoothies for a while.

130629 Jasons_001130629 Jasons_004


便採採,也摘了五大袋。雖然小,但即使青色的也都是脆甜 🙂 下週就是吃桃週了。

Today, I went to her place to pick peaches. Wow, there must be several hundreds of them. We got so many bags! Sweet and juicy, perfect for tomorrow’s tsog.




Last but not the least is the beautiful gardenia from our own garden. Animate or inanimate, they are all beautiful beings to me. May all enjoy this simple and pure happiness at all time.

Cheerios Dinner

130612 dinner








My dinner everyday for this week.

Yes, I know, it should have been my breakfast…

I should bring some miso soup packs next time.

This is the downfall of last minute packing.

Still, life goes on… with cheerios dinner…

熱瑜伽課的啓發 Love the Inspiring Hot Yoga Class Today



Today I went to my 2nd hot yoga class in California, supposedly a more challenging one. But I actually felt more at ease than the first one. After two years of not doing yoga regularly, there was always a few postures that I can no longer perform thoroughly, which proves that yoga does help exercise some muscles not used in daily life or other sports.



在上海通常不是每個人都能做肩膀倒立的;頭倒立的只能以鳳毛麟角來形容,而且幾乎都是男的才會做。這裡有4個人可以雙手倒立,而且都不用靠牆的輔助的~ 是體操運動員嗎?太神奇了。有一個美女還能很優雅的兩隻腳叉開慢慢抬上去!有3個人靠著牆做,應該是頭倒立吧,或者是手倒立。剩下的人全都能做很漂亮的肩膀倒立。也就是說一半以上的人都能做手或頭的倒立耶!

These Californian classmates are super fit. Half of them can do either handstand or headstand, and the rest can all do shoulder stand. No wonder most of them have great bodies.  For me, it felt a bit like stepping into a swimwear photo shoot  as a completely outlier. Nevertheless, it is very inspiring to do yoga with them.

I especially love the comments by today’s teacher. Once he said something really Zen:

“There is no destination. If your head touches the floor, then you need to bring your feet closer so that you can do a proper stretch of your back. The floor is not the destination. There is no destination. Destination only exists in your mind.”

What a profound statement!

Even when we were supposedly calming our mind and focusing on our body, still our habitual patterns always rush us to go for some destination or to achieve something. Indeed the destination only exists in our mind. It is our mind which decides what is the destination; it is our mind which decides whether we reach the destination or not. These are all illusions created by our minds. Unfortunately we play this game for too long that we forget it is only an illusion created by ourselves and then end up with all those worries, feeling of underachievement, unhappiness and sufferings.

May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering. May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.  May they never be disassociated from the supreme happiness which is without suffering. May they remain in the boundless equanimity, free from both attachment to close ones and rejection of others.