Orchid in California 蘭花·加州


Just discovered 2 new strings of orchid bud. Can relate to the joy of farmer now. So happy! All these joys in life…emaho!


昨天生活中充滿了花 All About Flowers Yesterday

昨天先是去茶城淘了一個荷花杯和佛頭的茶寵,然後在朋友家喝老黑茶、彈琴——桌上兩枝臘梅香得不行,太太太享受了~ 這是上海市中心閙中取靜的極致!

Yesterday is the last holidays for those working in China. I went to the tea wholesale market with a few friends, didn’t buy any tea but a small cup with hand-painted lotus, perfect to serve appetizer.

Then proceeded to a friend’s place to drink more tea and play Qin. She got these 2 branches of plum blossoms with super strong fragrance. Always amazing to have such a quiet corner in the very heart of downtown Shanghai.


Then I walked to the flower market nearby. Traditionally for the Chinese New Year, my family would always have some narcissus at home. On top of narcissus bulbs, I also got a bouquet of wild peonies which always remind me of the red poppies in Europe.

最後,自從在蘭亭買了蘭花之後,小時候對蘭花的熱愛似乎重新燃起,狠下心來買了觀望多年的大盆蕙蘭,放在書房的窗臺上,每次進房門,都開心的對它呵呵笑。   讓我衷心祈願它在我的手下能活上一個月!

After the Shaoxing trip, my love for orchid re-emerged, so I finally bought these huge orchid flowers I have been eyeing on for years. Let me pray that they would live long with me!