Iron Cast Casserole 鑄鐵鍋 Le Staub

A typical shopping trip for me: setting out to get something and ending up with another thing which was not even in my mind scope at all.

3 3/4 qt. 2-in-1 PanA friend said Le Creuset is on sale at Sur La Table so I went all the way to get a Creuset at the South Coast Plaza, which is like 20 miles away from where I live.

友人在舊金山買了特價的綠色Le Creuset鑄鐵鍋,才150美金。於是我興沖沖地跑去離家二十哩的同一家店。但是我喜歡橘色的,稅前還是要170美金!

I love the orange color of the Creuset’s 2-in-1 3 3/4 qt pan, but the price at $169 before tax is still intimidating, plus I hardly fry anything anyway.

Set of 3 Mini CocottesThen I thought of getting those cute little mini cocottes. Three for $55. I can see myself making crème brûlée with these, or having my pasta lunch. But then, I thought of the cocotte I bought in China with only 5 RMB…any individual Chinese medicine cooking pot can do the trick as well, I think.




就在我的揮霍心和理智心爭戰不休的時候,經過了交談中的售貨員和顧客,她們正在對一個大盒子品頭論足。於是發現了這個超值組合:140美金有一個鑄鐵鍋,加4個小陶鍋,是另一個法國牌子Le Staub的。這個牌子和LC的主要不同處在於內裡是不粘鍋塗層,其實更適合我!鍋子的顔色又比LC的顔色典雅。於是試抱之後(主要障礙是不確定自己能不能扛著這箱寶貝、越過商場到車上。這時就會怨歎身邊還是有個男人好~),就當成運動,抱了回家。

Then I found this amazing deal which I simply cannot say no: $139 for a 4 qt iron casserole plus 4 mini ceramic cocottes. The color of mini cocottes is a bit too dark for serving on the table but I simply love the grenadine color of the big one. Not to mention that cute blue, white and red ribbon tied on it! La France, je t’aime!

The only debate I had with myself was where I can carry this box by myself to my car, as I parked the car at the other end of the mall. And I made it! So now I am happily living after with my cocottes.


I first heated some left over pasta after this physical exercise. The mini cocotte worked just nicely. No dry-out issue as with microwave, and much faster than traditional pan. You need to stir from time to time with a traditional pan to ensure evenly cooked. With this, I didn’t stir at all as I was busy preparing the broccolis to try the big cocotte. 




IMG_2286 IMG_2311

Then I tried to cook some broccoli and zucchini. Tested again on the 2nd day to ensure it was not just luck.

Now I am fully convinced the advantage of“evenly cooked”by an iron cast casserole. The broccolis stayed green and crunchy while all of them were cooked. I only opened the cover and stirred three times I think. And the veggies do taste more juicy with more flavors. Staub’s interior non-sticky enamel is another plus for a lazy cook like myself.


IMG_2285And there is an collateral impulse purchase I made at the shop. I bought this red Josef Josef scoop earlier. Though I was a bit skeptical about all those plastic stuff, at that time I just badly needed a scoop as scalding vegetable is my primary way of cooking. And the shape of this scoop made it so easy to take out anything from the boiling water really quick – be it chopped vegetable or pasta.

So when I saw this tuner from the same line, I decided to buy it immediately. It would be great to turn the pancake, or even cut a fish fillet while frying it. Of course, the only question is I cannot remember when was the last time I made  pancake. And I am very sure I have never pan fried any fish in this life so far… and I pray that I will never do that in the future. So I am still puzzled what to do with this newly acquired turner.

Anyway, if anyone has good recipe for slow cooking, please kindly share.

這是附帶的衝動購物戰利品。紅色那隻是之前買的,因為我基本上都是白灼蔬菜為生,之前需要瀝水大勺時,買了這個Joseph Joseph的勺子,那個形狀非常順手,不管要從鍋裡撈什麽出來,都撈得又快有多。