HUM / 秋陽創巴仁波切談“吽”

humGuru Padmasambhava said that when you sing the crescendo music of HUM and let go of all thoughts, the ultimate meditation experiences are the echo of this music. Also, HUM is referred to as the concentration of all blessings and energy. Etymologically speaking, the Sanskrit word HUM means “gathering together.” HUM is not a magic spell to increase the power of ego, but it is concentrated power devoid of ego. HUM combined with complete devotion is like an arrow piercing the heart—it takes the form of the memory of the guru.  Also the abrupt experience of cutting through all thoughts is the action of HUM. Therefore HUM is the energy of universal force which transcends the limitations of ego, or rather, pierces through the wall of ego.

— Excerpt from “HUM: An Approach to Mantra” by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Shambhala Publications


— 節選自<吽:咒語的探討>,秋陽創巴仁波切,香巴拉出版社:《秋陽創巴著作集第五冊》

Bella Chao 草譯於LA, 2010年9月。